Empowering Students to Design the Change They Want to See in the World | ECO EVOLUTION TODAY | Scoop.it
The answer to empowering our learners by giving them purpose and inspiring their passion may be right under our noses. In play, one group of children may use dozens of LEGO pieces to recreate the excavator they found fascinating on their neighborhood walk, while another group of students uses Minecraft to create a fireworks display in honor of the Chinese New Year. Taken together, students learn the science and engineering behind simple machines or the importance of cultural practices in social studies, while learning how to collaborate with others and create something better together. In each instance, students use elements of design thinking to cocreate and problem solve, engaging in thoughtful dialogue and continuous iteration. This play can be made into so much more if educators guide students by demonstrating the utility of the content they're learning and inviting students into the process of meaning making.

Via Kim Flintoff