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Biocarbon Engineer's tree-planting drones are flying in Myanmar

Biocarbon Engineer's tree-planting drones are flying in Myanmar | ECO EVOLUTION TODAY |
In Myanmar, a major project is under way: restore coastal mangrove forests–with a little air support.
Al Cannistra's insight:

planting a forest with drones and seed planting missiles - efficiency!



Thomas Bannon's curator insight, April 11, 2019 9:31 AM
The time where technology goals meet environmental goals is here. This article gives great insight to the new technologies that we are using to help sustain and help our environment. Drones are a relatively new technology, but they are a great advancement and are continuing to find there place in our world. By using drones to help spread seeds and plant trees and other plants, we are using technology in a wonderful and great way. Although they often find themselves in controversy, drones give us abilities that we never thought were possible. For instance, this article shows us how we are helping our environment and saving both man power, fuel, and other means in a world without drones we would have to use to get the job done. This is wonderful and creative and I love it. Its great to see a technological advancement benefit our environment with little to no criticism.