That SMELL could kill you! | MomLifeTV | ECO EVOLUTION TODAY |
Our olfactory lobes tingle with a myriad of smells every day. From the moment we get up, we smell. We even go out of our way to make sure EVERYTHING in our lives has a smell, including our bodies, our houses, cars and our laundry. But have you actually thought about what's in those products that help to add a scent in our lives" It will shock you and probably surprise you to know that what’s in those "scent enhancers," can actually kill you. Are we sacrificing our health for the smell? Here's a list of the key ingredients and what damage they do to us: Let me leave you with this one last thought about smells… the next time you're shopping and going for that laundry detergent that clearly smells up the aisle, stop and ask yourself these questions: Should I bring this into my home when it smells so strongly outside of it's packaging? What kind of chemicals are in here to make it smell that strong? Better yet, what type of chemicals are being hidden by those smells?