Millions of people inhabit this 'hidden continent' that's 94% underwater | ECO EVOLUTION TODAY |
Earth is usually said to have six or seven continents, depending whether you separate Eurasia into Europe and Asia. While everyone may not agree on where to draw the lines, however, at least the basic layout of landmasses is set in stone, so to speak. Continents do merge and break apart over time, but the process is so slow they've barely seemed to budge throughout human history.

Nonetheless, one plucky little continent managed to hide under our noses until fairly recently. Many scientists now believe Earth has a long-overlooked seventh (or eighth) continent, identified as "Zealandia" in a 1995 study, covering about 1.9 million square miles (4.9 million square kilometers). That's more than half the size of Australia, or roughly big enough to hold seven Texases.

How did we miss something so big? To our credit, it was hiding in something even bigger: the Pacific Ocean.